Weekend Roundup

This is where I will talk about all the great Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts that are out there. I will pick a few of my favorite articles and podcasts that inspired me this week.


Offensively Building Wealth Through Earnings & Investing

by Guy on FIRE

“If you’re new to building wealth or early on your path to becoming rich,  start with defense. Without defense or pulling the spend less lever, all of your money will flow out. Worse yet, you may have more money going out than coming in. This is how people accumulate debt.”

Great article that really hits both levers in building wealth!

Here’s How “Less Than 25 Times Expenses” Portfolios Have Performed Over the last 89 Years

by Four Pillars Freedom

“The “25 times annual expenses” portfolio performed so well historically, it begs the question: how have smaller portfolios performed? For example, how have “15 times annual expenses” portfolios performed over time? Do they survive over the course of decades? This is what I aim to explore in this analysis.”

200K at 27

by Fiery Millennials

“I didn’t do anything revolutionary to get this $200k. I didn’t buy in on the bottom floor of a cryptocurrency. I didn’t get a crazy big inheritance. I don’t earn 6 figures. All I did was live well below my means, save a bunch, invest it, and try to increase my income as much as possible. You can do it too!”

It really is just this simple to build wealth. You have to make saving and investing the priority in your life. The issue is people not living well below their means.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this weeks roundup.

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