Weekend Roundup

This is where I will talk about all the great Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts that are out there. I will pick a few of my favorite articles and podcasts that inspired me this week.


Build Wealth: How I Grew My Investments from $11K to $212K in 3 Years


“The workday was draining me and I wanted to pursue intellectual and challenging hobbies that did not pay the bill.”

“To motivate myself to a worthwhile goal, I had to find things I valued and learn how money could help me access or create that value.”

I completely understand this feeling and this article speaks to me on multiple levels. This was very much how I felt after paying down debt and was not sure what to do next. I now try to spend my money based on what I value. This is why I try to do small trips to go to parks and go explore because I value it.

Meet The Woman Of The Financial Independence Movement

by Tread Lightly, Retire Early

“The notion that men handle the money and women are just there to blow it is one that needs to finally die. These women are part of the movement that should finally change that archaic perspective.”

This is an incredible breakdown of tons of great blogs by women! I think too often we tend to assume bloggers in the Financial space are just men. This could not be further from the truth. I actually follow many of these amazing bloggers already! So glad that a list was finally created to highlight these incredible bloggers.


022: True Cost Of Car Ownership

by ChooseFI

“Astounding that $300 per month for 30 out of 45 years are ending up with $742,000 while most people don’t have anywhere near that much money after a lifetime of working and “saving.” That also shows how little money most people are saving”

Hopefully, you enjoyed this weeks roundup.

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