Weekend Roundup

This is where I will talk about all the great Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts that are out there. I will pick a few of my favorite articles and podcasts that inspired me this week.


3-Legged Retirement Stool? I’ll Take The 5-Legged Retirement Platform 

by Military Dollar

“I’d rather have a sturdier, more resilient retirement. For that reason, I’d like a bigger retirement structure supported by more legs. That’s why I’m working on building my 5-legged retirement platform.”

I completely agree with this and love this post really breaks it down. Far too often I see people only into real estate or only have money in a 401K. I like to have multiple legs when It comes to the idea of retirement.

Five things I don’t regret spending money on

by Reaching for FI

“But saving money isn’t the whole story—sometimes there are times when it makes more sense to spend money than not to spend it. ”

This journey is not about deprivation. It’s about spending based on what you value while saving for your future.


DR 236 – How to Build Wealth on Any Income

DR 271 – My Take on the Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy

by Dough Roller

Two great podcasts that really hit home that anyone can build wealth no matter the income. The second podcasts talk about a great investing strategy that I personally use. Yet I have modified it a bit to fit my situation for now.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this weeks roundup.

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