Weekend Roundup

This is where I will talk about all the great Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts that are out there. I will pick a few of my favorite articles and podcasts that inspired me this week.


Why I just Invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum

by Four Pillar Freedom

I found this to be an interesting read because it’s not the typical investment you will see. It also hit home as I decided to dabble in crypto this month. Zach says “Max out your retirement accounts for the year and build up an emergency fund before even considering these highly speculative investments.” I could not agree more with him on this.

So I Bought a New F-150

by Frugally Reckless

“The most important point is to make sure that what you own and are spending money on is aligning with your values and meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible”

This post really got me thinking that there are many roads to Dublin. All too often do I see people be very dogmatic in the pursuit of Financial Independence.


463 – The Usefulness and Prioritization of Money in the Seasons of Your Life

by Radical Personal Finance

Really enjoyed this episode as it hits a very important point about the seasons of life with money.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this weeks roundup.

2 Replies to “Weekend Roundup”

    1. Angela, I could not agree more! Also stand by for next week’s weekend roundup. I had to put your article in it as it had a huge impact on me and challenged me on spending based on my values.

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