Simple Ways To Grow Wealth And Be Happy

Today I looked back and did some self-reflection. I have found very simple basic steps to build wealth and find happiness.

I’d like to discuss a topic that seemed to elude me for many years. The topic of finding simplistic ways to succeed. After tons of reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts it finally hit me like a brick to the head. It’s so much simpler than I ever thought it would be. Now when I say simple I want it to be known I am not saying it’s easy. It will still take lots of work and determination.

Once we start down this path and journey we will achieve many things in our lives.

  • Take real actions.
  • Eliminate Excuses
  • Give back to those less fortunate.

Take Real Action

We must take action if we wish to succeed at anything. We simply can’t just talk about it nor wait for our time. A great quote by Mahatma Gandhi “The future depends on what you do today.” Start by creating goals and a plan with steps to accomplish them. Always think “is what I am doing align with my goals?”. Often, we waste time on things that really don’t get us any closer to our goals or priorities. Once we take action we will start to see progress. Progress will equate to you moving forward on building and loving the life your create.

Eliminate Excuses/Self Doubt

One big issue that holds us back is the person in the mirror. We often make excuses that lead us down a path to nothing. I like to preach “create two solutions for every reason you believe you can’t”. This is probably the hardest part. Many people like to blame everything from politics, wealthy people, parents, and media for their decisions. We can combat this through self-education. By reading books, blogs, articles and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who are elevating themselves. We can create and accomplish anything we are willing to work towards.

Give Back

We must never forget to help others whenever we can. This has given me so much joy and true happiness. As we succeed we must show others the path as well. I have never known any successful person who did not give back. Another excellent quote from Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I truly believe that a huge part of happiness is helping others succeed. We all can help each other out as long as we are willing too.

Final Thoughts

Now I understand this is not an in-depth write up on the best investment to build wealth. Or what asset allocation to have. Or even what retirement vehicle to place your money in first. Don’t worry that will be something I touch on in later articles. This is just a few simple ideas to use to start you on your journey to build wealth and find true happiness. I’m no guru and never will pretend to be. I just like to share things and ideas that have helped me along my journey. These simple but important steps have been the foundation of my success and many others as well.

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