September Net Worth

I finally was able to bring my spending down. This month I really was more focused on being self-aware of my spending. Tracking my net worth every month and sharing it has been a great decision. I was very unsure if I was doing the right thing. My fear was that people would take it as me trying to boaster about my finances. Instead, my goal is to show transparency with my finances. Also to inspire others what is possible even on not so high of an income.  Well, let’s get to the numbers.


This month I made $3,298 after my contributions to my 401K. I received income from investments as well. It was dividend month at Vanguard! I love free money by simply sitting at home. This is why I make having a high savings rate a goal of mine every month.



Expenses total right at $2,225. Now I will say I did just renew my car/renter’s insurance for six months. This was at a cost of $482. But this came out of a sinking fund I had for it and not out of my income for this month.


This month I’m back on track. I saved $2,506. Which is right around 59% saving rate. So, this month’s breakdown is below.

  • $1,106 Roth 401K
  • $1,400 Money Market

Net Worth: $83,702

Overall nothing too exciting here.  So that is a +$3,750 gain since last month. Last months net worth for August was $79,952.


Final Thoughts

I feel back in the game baby! It’s good to see my savings rate to go back up. I’m moving forward and can’t wait to see how high I can hit by December this year. That’s just three months from now. My old goal was $85K. But I have decided that is too easy. So I am going to shoot for $90K by the end of this year. Which might be a stretch but hey I’m all for the challenge. I also have been considering changing my investment allocation due to a few great guru’s lately. Only time will tell.

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