October Net Worth

What a really great month! This month I stayed focused on being self-aware of my spending. Tracking my net worth every month and sharing it has been a great decision. It keeps me accountable.


This month I made $3,777 after my contributions to my 401K. I received income from investments and $651 for clothing allowance from the military. This is money I get once a year to pay for uniform items I might need. Luckily, I just pay for items as I need them throughout the year. So, I am able to just stash this extra income away.



Expenses total right at $1,427. There will be a few more things I will have to buy next week before the end of the month. But nothing major. My true expenses might go up another $100-$200.


This month I’m ahead of the game. I saved $3,157. Which is right around 64% saving rate. So, this month’s break down is below. Right now I’m really trying to buff up the cash I have in my money market account. The goal is to use the excess cash to max out the Roth IRA in 2018 by February.

  • $1,106 Roth 401K
  • $2,051 Money Market

Net Worth: $89,154

This will go down a few hundred dollars by next week for reasons I stated in my expenses above. Can’t complain about this net worth. I’m really starting to see the compounding of returns take effect. That is a +$5,452 gain since last months net worth for September was $83,702.


Final Thoughts

Wow, what a ride this month was from a market standpoint! I officially broke my net worth goal for 2017. That goal was to hit $85K by December 2017. Decided to move it to $90K last month or the month before. Yet I might be beating that goal as well next month as long as the markets hold up. I’m still holding the same allocation for my investments. I have been considering of adding how much I have in each type of investment with what funds I invest in those vehicles.  I think that might help inspire others by really breaking it all down.

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