My Version Of Financial Independence Retiring Early (FIRE)

Often when I talk to people about retiring early they get the idea of someone sitting on a couch all day doing nothing. This, in turn, makes people justifying not really preparing or trying to retire early. I typically hear “what will you do all day be bored and sit around”.

I’d like to clear this up. If you want to work for a long time that is your choice and I understand. Yet my plan is to build enough wealth that I have options and can pursue what I want when I want. If you also would like this and are struggling on what to do reach out to me by a message, I’m always willing to help or follow my journey on my site by subscribing. I’ll continue to push meaningful content as fast as I can.

What opened my eyes to this way of life? Well, I would have to give the credit to the Financial Independence Retiring Early (FIRE) community. It’s such a great community that has taught me what true value in life is. It is so great to see a community of regular people able to retire early in their life. Before I used to be surrounded by people I like to call “consumers” who will consistently complain about money. That tends to think they have to work till they are in their 60s. Which is true if you put your value into stuff, upgrades, and luxuries.

This is why I am very focused on building my wealth as fast as I can. See I’m 32 years old. I really just started this journey in 2015. It has been just a great journey and can honestly say I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Because of this path I have been able to build my wealth at a very high rate even with my not so high income of $50K a year.

The only bad part of this journey is the way other people will start to self-reflect of their failures once they see how good you are doing. I often will get people to say I am greedy. Or I love the “you can only do that because you are single” or “do you even ever have fun”. These people always make me chuckle. I can only give them advice and hope they listen. Remember my goal is to help guide as many people as I can to create the life they want. It’s not to get jealous or upset with those who are very successful. Actually, the people who are doing great are the ones I surround myself with and pick their brains.


I plan to do mission trips, as much community involvement as I can, help VETS, and planning to help teach the poor best practices with Finances to help them create the life they want. I won’t be sitting on my couch all day. Oh, and I will still be writing as actively as I can. This blog has brought so much value to my life. It’s such an incredible opportunity to be able to write and for it to touch people in such a way it helps them in their lives. As you can see my passion is ultimately helping others as often as I can. I will also be throwing in traveling during FIRE as well.


As you can see early retirement is not a bad thing where your bored all day. It’s whatever vision you want it to be. The great thing about life is we can design it however we desire. We all can retire early if we make it a priority. We must also be willing to self-educate ourselves in this subject. We must be willing to learn and listen to others that are doing better than us. My goal as of now is to have the ability to stop working in my 40s. The real question is “will I stop working in my 40s?”. I believe I will always be working in some form or fashion. It might just be to write full time. Yet if I’m doing something I’m passionate about and it brings values to my life I will keep doing it.  Remember we all can create the life we are willing to work towards.

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