Military Dollar Interviewed Me!

Well, I had the pleaser of being interviewed for an article on retiring on an enlisted military pension. Which many believe it to be impossible to retire on a military pension alone. I encourage you to check out the article at Military Dollar to see for yourself.

I always am so grateful to share my story and insights with others. It really brings me so much value in my life. After being interviewed like this it puts a lot into perspective for me. So often I lose track on just how far I have come on this journey. I started this journey in 2015 and have come so far in such a short time frame. I’m still laying the groundwork to create the life I desire. It’s not always easy but I am focused on my goals.

Remeber there will be ups and downs on this path. You must focus on your “why” to reaching financial independence. If you have not started now is the time. Time to focus on the life you desire and create it one goal at a time.

Hopefully, my articles and this interview can help guide people and inspire them to be in a better financial position in life.

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