May Net Worth

May was a very hectic month for me as far as spending and my budget went. I had few more going away parties for work. So that increased my spending by a ton. Also, this month I bought a plane ticket for a trip in August. Decided to buy now as It was super cheap from $350 round trip. I am also doing this net worth write up a few days before the end of the month. This is because I am on vacation and wanted to just get this knocked out.


This month I made $3,401 after my contributions to my 401K. This month I increased my 401K contributions. So starting next month we will see an increase in my 401K.


May expenses total right at $1,933. Like I said this month was a crazy one. Also, spent money on my host for this website. Paid for three years of service at a super low rate of $99. Overall another month way over my normal spending. Most of the spending was out of “sinking funds” (basically saving accounts) that I already had set aside.


This month was a lower saving month for me. I saved $1,736. Which is right around 41% saving rate for the month of May. Now, this is with my 401K contributions as well. So this month breakdown is below.

  • $1,000 Taxable Index Fund
  • $736 Roth 401K

Net Worth: $74,345

Not bad, not great still increasing overall. That is a $759 increase in my net worth from last month. My net worth went up and down this month based on the market and spending.


Final Thoughts

The last two months have been crazy for me. Have had a lot of expenses I typically don’t see. Still keeping to a good savings rate overall. Also, my goal is to hit $85K by the end of the year. I do need to get better at tracking my expenses, income, and savings on Personal Capital. Right now, I typically use mint for my tracking but I really like Personal Capital for the graphs and looks for the blog vice mint. Lastly, this is a snapshot before the end of the month. Just wanted to get it out now vice once I get back from vacation. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the update and the new sleek look for the graphs.

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