Manifesting Your Desire’s

I think our mindset plays a huge role in many aspects of our lives. Too often the biggest obstacle in the way of us creating the life we desire is the man in the mirror. Finances are very much behavioral more than anything else. This is why you can find a person that makes $50K a year with more wealth than someone that makes $100K a year.

I have been slowly but surely honing in on my skills to control my mindset on how I view things. Too often I see people “play victim to their own lifestyle choices”. If we think we can’t do something we already lost hope. Yet if we put our mind to it we can accomplish anything. I’m sure there are people out there that will think otherwise. Yet think about this…. Ever wonder why you will see people in life that seem to never get ahead. That seems to be stuck in a standstill in life. These people typically don’t ever have the right mindset in their life. They often blame someone or something other than themselves.

Ok, I know whats with this rant? Well, I wanted to set the stage for what I believe is a great tool I have used to accomplish my goals. Well, just like the title states It’s manifesting our desires to make them a reality in our lives. But there are some steps to this.

Here are steps that help me and have worked countless times for me. I can’t stress it enough these simple steps work. I have used them in many aspects of my life!

Step 1: Get clear on what you want

We must be precise on what we want. Maybe you want to earn more income. Well time to hone in on what is your target. I want to make $100K a year is a perfect clear goal. Write it down, think about it. It’s ok if you don’t have a clear goal yet. Take some time and think about it.

Step 2: Work toward your goals

This is the part where we apply actions. This is not an easy task. Yet this is a very crucial part of achieving what you want. This is where I would make a plan with a step by step process on how to achieve what I want. Often we can see how others have achieved what we want. If this is the case you can emulate the steps they have done.

Step 3: Trust the process

Nothing in life comes easily nor fast. We need to trust that it will come in due time. People tend to get impatient and at that point give up. I’m not saying at this step to do nothing. You should still be working on those steps you made in your plan. This step is realizing that it will take time but keep the path.

Step 4: Receive and acknowledge what you get

I like to say appreciate the small wins. This is understanding when you are making progress to give yourself a pat on the back. This is also where I understand if my plan is not working out and I adjust it to get back on target.

Step 5: Keep your attitude positive

Too often we are very negative with ourselves. We must keep positive when working on our goals in life. Not keeping a positive attitude can completely unravel our plans and keep us from completing our goals.

Step 6: Clear your resistance

In life, we all will encounter resistance. This comes from like I mentioned above ourselves if we have negative thoughts about our progression or results. Yet this can also can come from our social circle. If we surround ourselves with people who are not progressing in life, we tend to follow in their same steps. Yet if we surround ourselves with people who are ambitious and driven in life we tend to also pick up on these traits. There have been many studies on this over the years. It’s incredible how powerful our environment and mindset can influence us.


Our mindset plays a huge role in our ability to create the life we desire. These steps are a frame work to help me stay on the path. It helps me understand the process and create results. These steps are obviously not the end all be all. Nor are they the only steps out there.

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