Life Update September

So I have been throwing around ideas where do I want this blog to go. Basically, what direction do I want to take it. Should I start opening up a little bit more or leave it more toward teaching point articles. I have decided I will open it up a bit more to put my thoughts and philosophical ideas to paper so to speak. And thus “Life Update” posts are born. I will be doing these at least once a month to wrap up the month. There might be more throughout the month as well.

The month of September is at an end. This month has been crazy busy for me at work. We have a huge project going on that is coming to the pilot portion where we see how it works. The more I have gone down the FI path the more I am ready to get out of my current career field. Lately, I feel like I am just grinding away at work to get through it. But I might be moving to a new position soon that would allow for fewer politics and more free time. Which is a huge win in my life.

I have started to make new goals for my life. Because as of today I have completed all the goals I set for myself this year. I think it’s so important to set goals in life and make a plan to complete them. I do think this ties into our happiness. I have been engulfing material on finances especially that on being frugal, retiring early, and investing. I have started to take actions on these things that I have learned. Doing just small changes make huge gains in your life.

One action I have taken this month is trying to better manage my time. I now set a goal of doing a few productive things every day. Instead, I use to just waste time endlessly watching Netflix, browsing Facebook, or watching YouTube. I have noticed that I spend a lot of time on these items and never knew it till recently. I have also started to consider changing my investment allocation yet have not pulled the trigger yet.

I have a few actionable items I will try to implement for October.

1. Meal Prep

Plan out my meal preps a few days prior. I have noticed I won’t look up the recipe till I’m about to cook, which I then realize I don’t have all the ingredients I need. I will also just dethaw a package of pork chops and cook them without realizing it’s more than a week’s worth of meals. I need to get better at planning the meals out and be more conscious about how much meat is in the package.

2. Spend Money On Things To Give Me Time Back

I keep thinking that I need to be super frugal and just invest all my money. Yet that can be a very poor way of thinking and not very productive. Instead, I should also look at ways I can put my money to good use to buy me more time in my life. A good example of this is I am trying to find a good way to stay on track with things I need to get done instead of just trying to remember everything. I have been using some free reminder lists on my phone and even writing things down but both of these have left much to be desired. Recently I heard of an app that is great for this called “Todoist”. It’s $28.99 in the app store. I at first thought screw that, I could save that money and invest it. After I thought about it $28.99 is very little if this app would help me be more task-oriented and allow me the freedom of not having to try and remember everything. It basically would be paying $28.99 to get my time back and have a digital planner forever. I would just need to sit down a few times a month and put everything in there and forget it.

I think it’s great to sit down at the end of the month and reflect. It gives us the time to see where we went wrong what we can improve on and ultimately come up with a plan to implement those changes next month. We also see where we did good at and can give ourselves a pat on the back.

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  1. I like the idea of reflecting at the end of each month. I might try that for October. Great advice on spending money if it will give you more time for important things. I do get caught up in saving, saving, saving, but it’s OK sometimes to spend. You’ve given me some things to think about.

    Thanks! 🙂

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