Life Update October

The month of October is at an end. We still have the huge project going on at work. So another busy month for sure. Yet there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m still working hard toward my goals and trying to be more intentional with my time.  I have been engulfing material on finances especially that on being frugal, retiring early, and investing. I have started to take actions on these things that I have learned. Doing just small changes make huge gains in your life. My main focus has been trying to get caught up on podcasts.

Actionable Items for October

I’m still slowly getting better at managing my time and making better choices with it. I have done better with the meal planning game. To be honest I’m still trying to hone in on this skill as well. I think cooking and meal prepping is a crucial skill. As it gives me healthy meals to keep my energy up and saves me money forever! Well, I have been using Todoist for a few weeks now. I really do enjoy using it. I also found there is a free version and that is what I use. I like to use this with my calendar on my phone to keep me on task. I also have been using the unlimited car wash subscription for almost a month. It is $30 a month for this subscription. I’m still on the fence about this expense. It seems stupid to spend $30 a month on washing an 11-year-old car. I understand why people would think that. A clean car really helps me enjoy my car more which in turn helps me keep it longer. I’ll see how I feel in a couple more months.

I have a few actionable items I will try to implement for November.

1. Automating Finances

I currently just transfer my money by logging into my account and transferring “X” amount to “X” account. Which is not really hard by any means. Yet in my pursuit for optimizing my life, this seemed silly and a waste of time. I want to try to set automatic transfers to save me time and take the behavior out of my investing.

2. Read For 15 Minutes A Day

I have been slacking on reading books. I have been so focused on consuming podcasts and blogs I have not put in much time into books. Not saying that is bad or good, as I am not really sure how I feel about it. I just know reading books is something I do enjoy and just really improves my life. Right now I decided to give myself something small to work on or just simply reading for 15 minutes a day. I might change this goal once I get into it. I have seen others have a goal of a few chapters every other day.

This self-reflection time has helped me for sure get clarity and perspective on my life. It has helped me get very intentional on what I want to improve or try that month. It also shows me where I was not committed enough to a task. For October that would have been the meal planning for sure! I still did meal plan but not as intentional as I would like. Overall though it was a great month and I have honed in on somethings and have a few others to work on in the next month. My idea with this is to see all the new skills I can learn or how much more optimized my life will be as I continue to see progress.



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