July Net Worth

July was a great month for me. I did spend more than I wanted on eating out. Actually spent more this month on eating out than I have in a few months combined!


This month I made $3,127 after my contributions to my 401K.


July expenses total right at $1,984. Nothing too fancy here. This month I did go out with friends more than usual. I went out and ate a lot as well. Over all, I’m still happy with my end of the month outcome.


I saved $2,006. Which is right around 47% saving rate for the month of July. Now, this is with my 401K contributions as well. So, this month’s break down is below.

  • $900 Money Market Account
  • $1,106 Roth 401K

Net Worth: $80,482

Not bad at all was hoping to hit $79,000 this month. That is a $3,328 increase in my net worth from last month. My net worth went up and down this month based on the market and spending.

Final Thoughts

I still can’t seem to tame my spending the last few months. Savings rate close to 50% still is not bad. Yet I was hitting higher earlier in the year. I need to get serious about cutting back going forward. Yet next month is my Key West trip so that probably won’t be happening. I also seem to be way ahead of my $85K goal by December.Which really blows my mind because my spending has been a bit more over the last 3 months. At this rate, I might hit around $90K by December. I look at all this as buying my freedom. That much closer to be able to stop working if I desire.

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  1. 47% is great savings.Great job! I am bringing in a lot more but with my family situation, it is extremely hard to save anywhere close to how much you are doing. However, the goal is to get to 60-70% savings per month in next 2 years.

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