August Net Worth

August was a bad month for my net worth. I did spend more than I budgeted for. I actually spent some money on wants and not really on needs. I went on vacation to Key West to visit my Mom.


This month I made $3,169 after my contributions to my 401K. I received income from investments as well.


August expenses total right at $3,209. As you can see I spent a ton of money in August. This was due to the Key West trip. This by far is one of my biggest spending months that I can remember. But I’m all about spending money on things that bring me value. Traveling brings me value and visiting my Mom does as well.


This month was a lower saving month for me. I saved $1,106. Which is right around 26% saving rate for the month of August. So, this month’s break down is below.

  • $1,106 Roth 401K

Net Worth: $79,952

Well, the first time in this journey that my net worth has gone down. I have been so used to seeing my wealth grow that it feels off to see it go down. Yet I knew this day would come eventually. So that is a -$532 loss since last month. Last months net worth for July was 80,482.

Final Thoughts

Still high spending for the month of August. It seems I’m on a roll with high spending. This was the first month I saw my net worth go down. I knew it would come one day though. What’s crazy is even with spending $1,700 at Key West I only lost -$532. For the rest of the year, I need to buckle down though as much as possible. I mean in the big picture I still am doing great and still have a high savings rate overall. I also am in a better position than most people. I also am still ahead of my goal of $85K by December. So I should stop beating myself up yet easier said than done.


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