April Net Worth

Well, I am now deciding that I will share my net worth for others as a learning tool. It also helps hold myself accountable to what I preach. Hopefully, others will get inspired with these updates and build the future they desire. My goal is to always save as high of a percentage of my income as I can.


This month I made $3,496 after my contributions to my 401K. If I included the 401K contributions it would be $4,232.



Aprils expenses total right at $2,779. My expenses seem high for April due to a Vegas trip I took with my girlfriend. Yet that trip was saved and budgeted for with money, not from Aprils paychecks. There is also a ton of work related expenses on this months tracker. Finally, I did do a lump sum payment for my insurance which I get billed every 6 months. So typically my monthly expenses are lower. But hey got to stay honest here and show the data.



I was able to save $2,136.  This puts me right at around a 50% savings rate. Now, let’s break those savings down a little more. $1,400 was invested into a taxable S&P 500 index fund and $736 into my 401K which is also in index funds.

Net Worth: $73,586

While I have progressively increased my net worth each month I know I will see bumps in the market at some point. Yet so far slow and steady is winning this marathon.


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