$96,000 Dollars And I Still Had Socks With Holes In Them

So there I was starting to go through my stuff in my house over the past few weeks. I had decided I wanted to try to declutter and donate or sell things that I really was not using or just did not value anymore. If you have never done this I highly encourage you to try it. The benefits are amazing.

I was almost done and decided I would go through my clothes last. Once I started to go through them I noticed I had a few pairs of socks with holes in them. Not only that I had shirts and underwear as well. I knew some of these holes where there so it was not a complete surprise. But it got me thinking, why did I not care for so long that these holes where there? That question stumped me because I had almost a $100,000 net worth. Of course, I could afford some new socks.

Why I Don’t Care

Well for me I don’t put much value any more into what clothes I wear. I use to when I was younger in my 20s. I’m not saying I don’t wear nice things or have nice clothes. As I do have some nice pieces for sure when I need to get dressed up for an event. But I just don’t put a lot of value or time into caring about my clothes in most cases. I really don’t care what others think or view how I dress. I don’t mind that I probably look like I’m poor compared to most people. Funny story, I have a pair of leather converse’s that are very beat up. Was thinking of buying a new pair for maybe $50 or less can’t recall the exact price. But instead deiced to put some elbow grease into them and see what the outcome would be. Well as you can see below I’d say they are brand new again!

Am I Just Cheap

Well, I very well might just be. But I don’t consider myself cheap. I am frugal for sure. But there is a big difference there. I just don’t mind a few holes in my stuff as long as it still is functioning for its original purpose. I don’t replace things unless they break or fall apart. But I must admit I did throw away the socks with holes in them as the holes were starting to get a little too big even for me. I don’t care if you are frugal or not. That is not the point of this post.

The Simplicity Of Value-Based Spending

I now spend based on what I believe is of value and will bring me long-term happiness. That should be everyone’s real focus in life. When I say spend I don’t just mean money I also am referring to time. I see so many people go buy clothes every month to try to impress people they don’t like with money they don’t have. It’s a cycle of consumerism and it’s hard to break. Once we truly understand what our priorities are in life we can focus all our resources on those priorities. We can stop spending based on what society tells us to spend on and surely stop spending to impress others. That is the easiest way to stay broke.

I don’t care what you spend your money on! I only want to challenge everyone to make sure you are spending your money on what’s really important to you. 

The Ultimate Luxury

The ultimate luxury I have been focused on spending all my money on is my freedom. Simply put the more money I invest and save the faster and closer I am to being able to pursue passions without having to worry about income. I’m ready to leave the hamster wheel so to speak. No, I won’t be bored not going to work when this happens. If you would be it’s time to evaluate your passions and hobbies. I much rather be going hiking, volunteering, teaching, reading, traveling or writing than to be at work.

The impact of this is huge. I have been immensely successful in all aspects of my life once I applied this. Life is so much simpler when I stopped caring about what others thought about me. Rember do not spend money to impress people you don’t like with money you don’t have.


3 Replies to “$96,000 Dollars And I Still Had Socks With Holes In Them”

  1. Great piece with valid points.
    My wife and I live this way. We tear up thrift stores and do not buy expensive clothes or simple things for around the house. It’s a way of life; cut back in most areas so you can indulge a bit in the ones you value. Saving and investing is the area we value greatly. We don’t pinch pennies or live some odd hermit lifestyle. We’re simply frugal and embrace the lifestyle. Our net worth reflects…

  2. LOL. I’m worth 1.7M and my underwear is a disgrace! I don’t care – as long as everything stays where it’s supposed to and I don’t lose my undies when they slip to the floor in front of a class one day, then I’m good.😂😂

    1. Your story is amazing! Never saw your blog before until now. What do you teach? Let’s hope that never happens in front of the class lol.

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