Today’s guest post is from Brandon Beavis. To follow his channel click here.

Aside from having a passion for the stock market (which isn’t too common these days amongst Millennials), Brandon is pretty much your average 22-year-old. He hangs with friends, has a few beers on the weekend, and oh yeah… he loves basketball.

In 2013, he officially began his industry studies. Over the years he has completed the (CSC) Canadian Securities Course, (CPH) Conduct & Practices Handbook Course, 90-day Investment Advisor Training Program, attended the Manulife Professional Development Workshop in Oakville, ON, the (WME) Wealth Management Essentials, and became a fully licensed Registered Representative at the age of 20. Of course, on top of that, he has attended countless industry seminars, conferences & events to help further his learning.

Working at a firm that deals primarily with high net worth clients, he has had the opportunity to work hands-on with many individual securities. With the majority of the clientele being on a fee-based platform, it enables the firm to essentially “strip out” the middle man (Mutual Funds) and build portfolios by buying stocks and ETFs directly.

At his firm, the lead is advisor offers a Discretionary Trading Platform where clients can buy into model portfolios (Conservative, Balanced, Growth), which is where Brandon gets a lot of his experience from. On a daily basis, he is involved with assessing, rebalancing, and ultimately, managing these portfolios.

Brandon has recently started up a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping Millennials get involved with the stock market. He will be covering all aspects of the investment industry from the basics to intermediate stuff, and even some more advanced topics.

To start off the new year, he has recently released a 16-minute video on 3 equities that he personally sees value in for 2018. Coming from a very traditional style of investing, he preaches that stocks should always be held for the long-term and that although the video states “Stocks that he’s buying in 2018”, it absolutely does not mean that he is expecting these stocks to be the top performers in 2018.

Investing in equities, as we know, can be very unpredictable… But over the long-term, buying companies with good fundamentals and good growth prospects should reward you.

Here is a link to the YouTube video! Enjoy! J



My first pick is the company Disney (DIS)

Although over the course of 2017 their ESPN division has been a bit of a letdown, I am still high on the big media conglomerate for many reasons…

  • Parks & Resorts segment continues to do well (Disney Shanghai Resort)
  • ESPN viewership looks to be trending up
  • $52.4B deal to acquire shares of 21st Century Fox

Yes… that last one really excites me.

We can recall back to earlier in 2017 when Disney announced they would be pulling all of their content off of Netflix and starting their own streaming service (2019 Target). I am a big fan of the direction Disney is going, and I think the recent merger is money well spent for the company.


My second pick is the company General Electric (GE)

For anybody that’s been following this stock… oh, you know how rough 2017 has been.

However, I do think that 20 years from now we will look back at this as nothing more than a great buying opportunity.

  • August 2017 – John L. Flannery was appointed CEO
  • November 2017 – GE decides to slash dividend in half
  • December 2017 – GE announces 12,000 employee layoff to reduce costs

For the mentioned reasons above, I think that GE is trending in the right direction. And with the stock down -44%, I am seeing a ton of value.


My third and final pick is the company Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)

Tencent is a little less known than the other big tech giants (AMZN, GOOGL, FB, AAPL)… probably because it is CHINA’S largest internet service provider.

Now aside from that, TCEHY is also big in the mobile app/gaming/video gaming industries and I think it is in a great position to profit in the years to come.

The stock is up 126% looking at a 1-year number, and for the reasons mentioned in the video above, I expect that number to continue to climb!




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