How I Rocked 2017 and My Goals For 2018

As we approach the end of the year I like to do some self-reflection. See where I succeeded and what I could improve on. I also like to start planning for the next year as far as goals and what plans do I have for my money. Well onto what I accomplished this year.

I Rocked it this year!

  •  Grew my stash from about $63K to $96K on about a $50K Income. The goal was to hit an $85K net worth.
  • I started this blog to share my journey and have been interviewed by 3 people.
  • Completed my AA with honors and started my BS in Finance.
  • Read more books this year than in the last 3 years.
  • I learned how to better spend my time on what I consider valuable. I’m more intentional with my time and money.
  • I’m in such a great position in life. Volunteered a ton and donated a bunch of stuff I didn’t use in my apartment.

I did not realize how much I accomplished until I took some time to self-reflect. I still have a ton to learn as I stay on this path to reach financial Independence.

I have some big plans for 2018. Not all are related to finances though. Not everything has to be related to finances. Rember the goal is to have a life of value that you are happy with. I also hand write or type my goals and I post them in my bathroom. This way every morning I can see them and make sure I’m doing something that will get me closer to completing them. This helps me with being more intentional with my time and what I do every day.

2018 Goals

  • I want to make my blog site better for my audience by making sure it’s user-friendly and keeps you involved. I also want to be more consistent on when I post articles and how often that will be. I also want to really figure out my target audience and let that flow in my writing.    
  • Get 3-4 college classes done. This does not seem like many classes. I’m active duty Marine so sometimes my workload and time at work can be a challenge for taking college classes. I’m also due for orders in 2018 so that will affect me taking college classes. 
  • Go to Drill Instructor school for the Marines and finish. These are the orders I am waiting to hear if I will get or not. 
  • Read more books. I slacked in 2017 from what I wanted. I did read about 6 books this year. I’d like to read more in 2018. I have a long list of books. No, really my list has about 12 books and counting. 
  • Hit $115K-$130K net worth. But that has a ton to do with the market so really save $25K or about 50% of my income. I have seen first hand the power of a high savings rate has on building my stash.
  • Grow my EF from $6K to $15K. This is a priority for me, I want to grow it mainly for future big purchases like a dog and replacement car. It also is not bad to have a little heavier of a cash cushion. 
  • Max Roth IRA at $5,500. 
  • Start to learn how to code. I think this would be a really great skill to learn that would be great for future side hustles or part-time jobs. Also, there are tons of ways to learn how to do it for completely free. 

What are your goals for 2018? Let’s ROCK this year together!

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