Less Stuff, Less Problems

Over the last two years, I have become more accustomed to minimalist living. I was not always like this. Actually, in my 20s I was very much the complete opposite of a minimalist. I was what I considered a hyper consumer. Always buying new clothes, upgrading cars, eating out and just spending money very randomly.

After taking this journey I started to realize I had too much stuff. I really did not need it all and it was just collecting dust. Over these last few years, I have given away a crazy amount of stuff. To include donating stuff today. As I am still realizing I have more stuff I don’t need. Now I want to give you all some insight on how being more of a minimalist has helped me. So hopefully you can take my insight and apply it how you feel fit to your lifestyle.

I truly believe that being a minimalist has changed my life for the better and can help you as well. Outlined below is my key pros to a minimalist lifestyle.

  • Minimalist lifestyle will help you save more money.
  • Minimalist lifestyle will give you less clutter.
  • Minimalist lifestyle gives you more time.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying things. I often see people get the wrong idea of what a minimalist lifestyle really is. They think of people with nothing who are unhappy and probably a bit crazy.

Saving Money

Yes, living a minimalist lifestyle has allowed me to save a ton more money. I typically save 50% of my income. Now I can already hear people yelling that’s not realistic. It is very possible and even if you went from saving 10% to saving 20% you still are saving more money. I now don’t buy stuff to try to fill my life like I use to. I only buy what I need and when I need it. I will say this has made me incredibly happy as a person. Never would I have thought that once I stopped buying stuff I did not need I would become even happier. If I buy something that I need I make sure it’s of sound quality that will last me. I also make sure that will I get good use of it.

Less Clutter

Well now that I own less stuff I have fewer things in my life. This has had huge effects on my mental health. I have so much less stress with fewer objects in my life. This goes from clothes all the way to kitchen wear. Once we truly take action we realize we don’t use probably half the stuff we own. Think about clothes in your closet. If you have not worn it in the last 6 months I would donate it.

More Time

The end result for me is I have created more time. Because I have less stuff that means less cleaning. It means less time spent shopping for stuff I don’t need. It means more time to focus on my priorities and goals. It means less time maintaining things I don’t need.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism has really changed my life in this journey I am on. It has most defiantly allowed me to save more money which in turn allows me to reach early retirement that much sooner. It has taken out a lot of the clutter in my life to allow me a much healthier lifestyle overall. Most importantly it gives me more of something a value very highly which is time. I really can’t force anyone to change their lifestyle for the better. I can only encourage by showing how it has affected my life. Hopefully, you can use some of this a critique it to your life.

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